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Caster Warehouse Inc, A Division of World Casters & Equipment Mfg
casters, wheels, carts, dollies, hand trucks  
Supplying the Southeast with casters for every application imagineable

Atlanta Based Caster Warehouse, satisfying the needs of the United States
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New Products

We are continuously creating new products to better meet the demands of the Caster & Wheel Industry.

This page will be updated periodically with the new and upcoming additions to our product line.

  Caster Basic
  TEC Product Numbering System
TEC SREIES CASTERS TEC 26 Series Light Duty Casters
TEC 30 Series Light Duty Casters
TEC 39 Series Shopping Cart Casters
TEC 40 Series General Duty Casters
TEC 42 Series General Duty Casters
TEC S42 Series Stainless General Duty Casters
TEC 47 Series Medium Duty Casters
TEC 66 Series Heavy Duty Casters
TEC 76 Series Scaffold Casters
TEC 79 Series Pneumat
TEC 91 Series Extra Heavy Duty Casters
TEC 92 Series Extra Heavy Duty Casters
TEC 95 Series Extra Heavy Duty CastersMold-on Rubber Wheel
TEC WHEELS Mold-on Rubber Wheel
Polyurethane on Cast Iron Wheel
Semi-Steel Wheel
V Groove Wheel
Foam Wheel
Pneumatic Wheel
Semi Pneumatic Wheel
Hard Rubber & Soft Rubber Wheel
Phenolic Wheel
Polyolefin Wheel
Hi-Tech Wheel
Polyurethane on polyolefin Wheel
Thermoplastic Wheel
Ductile Steel Wheel
Ductile V Groove Wheel
  TEC Material Handling – Aluminum Trucks
TEC Material Handling – U Boat Utility Carts
  TEC Hardware ( Options & Components )
  Wheel Bearing Selection
  Specialty Caster Inquiry Sheet