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Casters, Custom Wheels, Material Handling

…. You name it … We'll make it!!

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Casters, custom wheels, material handling, online catalog.

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Welcome to Technical Equipment Co., Ltd.

Your link to the best material handling products found in the World

People researching the history of Technical Equipment Co., Ltd. Will discover that it has been a manufacturer of industrial wheels and casters since the 1979, with operations in Chi Yi , Taiwan since 1989 and new production facility in Qingdao, China in the 2001’s.

For more than 25 years expansion of product lines and consolidation of manufacturing facilities, products and markets have led the company to its current stature as a producer of casters, wheels, hand-trucks, dollies and related Products.

With our capabilities, flexibility and experience in designing and building the best quality products to meet industry’s demands.

  • Integrated wheel brakes that work even on hard treads like Steel or Phenolic wheels

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  • Brakes that fit both swivel and rigid casters*
  • Field installable brakes for heavy duty casters
  • Quick change caster pads that really are quick
  • Affordable stainless steel casters that look as good as they work etc.


We really do mean it when we say
"…You name it…. We got it… or We'll make it!!"

Thanks for visiting us and let us know how we can help you!

*Rigid brakes available in selected series.